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  • Picture Batch Process 2.38

    The only program you will ever need in order to rename, copy, resize, add watermarks and/or convert a picture or hundreds of pictures at once!
  • Process Them 2

    Process Them is an email processor that enables you automatically process all emails you have in your POP3 Mailbox or which are already in your
  • Process FX 1.03

    Digitally simulate traditional film cross-processing techniques, creating skewed Color Effects that range from the subtle to the extreme. The best
  • Due Process 1.0

    Due Process works as a Windows service, monitoring your Processes and keeping them running at the priorities you specify. A setup program is
  • Process Man 1.0

    LantarNet ProcessMan is a Process Viewer software and shows all Processes running on your system with their
  • EF Process Manager 6.40

    What the Process Manager is and what you can do with it: * you can easily see what’s happening behind the desktop * which processes are running on
  • Process Supervisor

    Process Lasso is NOT yet another task manager. It is a process priority optimization and system automation utility. Priority optimization, affinity
  • Process Manager 1.0

    View all processes currently running on your system with their own icon and manage them. Kill all processes that the classic Task Manager could not.
  • ID Process Manager 3.5

    ID Process Manager is a program designed to help you manage the status of all processes on your computer. It enables you to stop any process or to
  • Process Meter 1.04

    Process Meter displays chart with information about all processes running on local or remote system. It may show the following information for each
  • Perfect Process 1.1

    Get detailed info of over 5400 process. Scan and Detect nearly 1000 Spywares/Backdoors local and in your network.Scan your entire network for
  • Process Sniper 2.0

    Process Sniper detects the launch of all processes and applications and then prompts the user to determine if it is a process that should be run.
  • Process Patrol 2.01

    Process Patrol enables you to manage the Windows processes on your computer. You can set stop lists for spyware, adware and virus programs that will
  • Process Master 1.1

    Process Master is an advanced utility for hidden processes detection and killing. These processes usually are the results of the virus, spyware and

    You will take full control over the system. You will know what process are there and you will control them. Task manager will be part of your
  • Process WatchDOG 2.0

    Little utility for "closed process" monitoring.To reactivate dead or closed process or to execute any application if dead or closed process.With:
  • Process Alarm 1.0

    Process Alarm. This program has been created with a view of protection of your computer against harmful programs and also to establish the control
  • Process Tsar 1.00

    Windows process watchdog. Restarts crashed applications automatically, or closes unwanted applications. If you have a buggy program that keeps closing
  • Process Monitor 3.05

    Now you have no need to manually check that either the program is still running or not because the handy software application Process Monitor 2.1
  • Process Explorer 15.40

    With the help of handy Process Explorer utility you cannot only track the problems of DLL versions but can also get to know that how applications and
  • Top Process Monitor 3.0

    Top Process Monitor is a very useful desktop gadget that was designed in order to show you the processes that are consuming the most CPU, Memory
  • Process Hacker 2.22

    Process Hacker is a feature-packed tool for manipulating processes and services on your computer. Key features of Process Hacker: A simple,
  • PMW(Process Manager 2.1.920

    The handy software PMW lets users to perform following tasks with ease and by using two clicks of your mouse: Change/Remember priority; Minimize to
  • Process Controller 3.0

    Process Controller give you control over the processes running on your Computers and Terminal/Citrix Servers. Optimised for Terminal servers, it
  • Process Dashboard 1.13

    The Process Dashboard is an existing PSP(SM) support tool. It was originally developed in 1998 by the United States Air Force, and has continued to
  • Process Liquidator

    Process Liquidator displays running Processes and allows terminating a process with a single left mouse click, a single right mouse click, a double
  • Process Scanner 1.0

    You can find and see all the processes that are running on your system with the help of Process Library. You will use the search engine for searching
  • Process Guard 3.41

    Process Guard 3.41 is designed to be a useful tool for you to secure and prevent your system and other security programs from being hacked by other
  • Kill Process 1.1

    You can use the KillProcess tool for the execution of processes. Its major features are it has ability to stop any execute process in milliseconds;
  • Process Lasso

    Process Lasso is NOT yet another task MANAGER. It is a process priority optimization, CPU affinity optimization, and system automation utility.
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  • Batch File Printing 3.0

    batch File Printing 3.0brings you a convenient and effective way to print all files such as (DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, asp, html, xml, PPT, PDF, PPTX, RTF, TXT etc.) and images such as (jpg, gif, png, tiff, ico, psd, bmp,
  • Batch Filename Editor 7.86

    There are instances when you will need to rename your batch files but you may not know how to go about it. The process is a breeze when you use batch Filename Editor, which is meant for win32 platforms. It has a simple
  • PDF Cube Pro 1.0

    PDF Cube Pro is a tool to create PDF files from all printable files and all images.It can covert PDF to Image, it can Merge and split pdf, batch Encrypt and Decrypt PDF files, Print PDF file in batch process.It convert
  • getpids 1.00

    The getpids program is a small tool released under the GNU General Public License. It allows a calling Windows process (or batch file) to identify its process id (PID) or parent process id (PPID). The tool does so by
  • Batch Convert EML to PDF 3.0

    Are you ready to convert group of EML files to PDF? Then go ahead with EML to PDF batch Converter solution as it will guided you for batch convert eml to pdf, batch open eml to pdf, batch create eml to pdf, etc in
  • BatchRunner

    batch Runner is a Cron like time-based Job Scheduler in Windows operating systems. Solution is an application for scheduling executables, batch files, or command files that are running with a specific period. Also
  • Batch XLS To CSV Converter

    Logically, searching for a good utility which ensures you to convert batch XLS to CSV format? Then stop here and use batch XLS to CSV Converter program that successfully enable you to perform the batch XLS to CSV
  • HCbatchGUI 14.9

    HCbatchGUI is a batch processing front end for HCenc, DGPulldown, & Aften. It will allow the user to save ini files for use in batch encoding and start the batch process for you. A linux GTK version has been
  • PDF U Append Batch 1.02

    PDF U Append batch Edition software automates the process of appending multiple PDF files, PDF U Append batch will append your many PDF documents into one PDF document at the click of one button, PDF U Append batch also
  • Batch PDF Split 1.1

    Microsoft Office 2010 Layout. # Live Preview. Everything in batch Mode. Add and process Thousands of Files at Once. batch Remove PDF Password. Hassle-free PDF Watermarking Using Text / Image. PDF Stamping Made
  • Batch PDF Decrypt 1.1

    batch PDF Decrypt is a powerful and easy-to-use application that will help you decrypt very fast, pdf files. Just insert the desired documents and let batch PDF Decrypt do its job.Main features:-Microsoft Office 2010
  • Batch Files Printing 1.0

    batch Printing software prints all printable files of all formats and images. it supports all formats of files such as (doc, docx, xls, html, xml, ppt etc.) and images such as (jpg, gif, png, tiff, ico, psd, etc.). it
  • Oriens RAWConverter 1.2

    Oriens RAWConverter converts your digital raw files in batch into usable image formats in batch. Supports changing and tweaking many of the shooting parameters 'after' exposure with various post raw conversion tasks
  • Batch Convert EML to PST 5.7

    Birdie Software suggests several programs to migrate EML to PST in batch mode named as- batch convert EML to PST, batch copy EML to PST, batch create EML to PST, batch export EML to PST, EML to PST bulk convert. These
  • Watermark Factory - advanced watermark creator 2.58

    Watermark Factory enables you to add text or image watermark to any picture. Protect your copyrights or simply add comments to any picture. This useful program has beautiful and easy to use interface. You will be able to
  • CMD2EXE 1.06

    MD2EXE is a command-line utility that will embed a batch file and other optional files into an EXE file. It does not "compile" the batch file ... it simply bundles it into the EXE. When the generated EXE is executed,
  • Easy WaterMark 7.0.126

    batch Watermark Creator is a specialized tool for batch add text and images watermark to your photos,images and pictures.This useful program has beautiful and easy to use interface. You will be able to process thousands
  • Batch Photo Factory 2.92

    batch Photo Factory has the ability to batch process your photos. You also can batch add frame, add watermark, convert,resize and rename lots of photos in ease. It is a useful and easy-to-use tool to prepare picuture for
  • Batch Convert DBX to EML 2.0

    Are you in search for a tool to convert DBX to EML in batch or bulk? Then take a help of DBX to EML converter that enable its users to perform batch convert DBX to EML. process to batch convert DBX to EML or to convert
  • Batch Photo Processor 1.15

    batch Photo processor is for batch image/pdf processing batch lists of files in sequence, image files supported are BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG Images & PDF Documents. batch Photo processor software optionally can
  • AdminToys Suite 1.5

    AdminToys Suite is a collection of administration utilities for remote management of Windows Servers and Workstations. AdminToys Suite comes with 19 network tools that help you to save time on everyday administrative
  • Batch Renamer 3.0.a

    batch Renamer is a handy and reliable application that enables you to rename a batch of files in a simple, swift action, so that you are exempt from renaming lots of files one by one. In addition, you can filter files
  • PPT To PDF Creator v 3.5

    PPT To PDF Creatorv3.5is developed to be an interesting as well as helpful tool which creates PDF files from MS PowerPoint (.PPT, .PPTX, .POT, .POTX etc) files. PowerPoint to PDF Creator v3.5 is capable for create PDF
  • SmIKE, Low Level Web Site Audit Tool 4.10

    SmIKE is Small Internet Kick-about Explorer (compatible with MS Explorer) making log of all HTTP and file I/O operations (including HTTPS transactions) for W2K, XP and Vista. Small size (about 400 KByte), no installation
  • Verydoc Flash to GIF Batch Converter 2.0

    VeryDOC Flash to GIF batch Converter is easy to use, and allows users to customize the GIF sizes, GIF Frame rates, GIF replay time and interval time by selecting options. Key features of Flash to GIF batch Converter:
  • Belle Nuit Imagefilter 1.0

    Programm to batch-process image sequences. Build process trees with a node interface. Apply a wide variety of nodes to color correct, filter, transform and compose images. Automate the processing of the
  • TotalVectorize 1.1

    This useful handy utility helps you to convert images to WMF or SVG. There are two ways of workig: it can either rasterize one image or a batch of them. All this made by one click. Transparent interface and high
  • EML To PDF Batch Converter

    Are you facing trouble while converting numerous of EML emails into Adobe PDF format? Then give a try to the hot and best EML to PDF batch Converter program that being designed & developed by the active developers of
  • Batchrun 4.3

    With batchrun you can create a batch file using a graphical interface. A batch file lets you run several Windows commands together, in whatever order you choose. For example, you can launch multiple Windows applications
  • BatchInpaint 1.1

    batchInpaint is a batch version of a popular software Inpaint. Now you can remove watermarks, date stamps and other unwanted objects in a batch mode. How to use batchInpaint * Add the images * Simply movE and